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Why Choose Max Comfort

Why do we devote so much time and energy to the comfort of dogs?
Why direct so much science and design into something as seemingly simple as a dog bed?

Because, its about time somebody did!
memory foam dog beds
Since the beginning, dogs have shared their lives with people. Happy to use their superior senses to the aid of their less fortunate human friends. Our canine cohorts have been graciously content to join the pack of those who act relatively deaf, are extrmely slow of foot, and with comparatively no sense of smell at all.

Our canine friends contribute great benefit to the human condition. These solders of good nature are eager to please and serve. They ward off intruders several times their size. They are superior judges of character. They protect us, play with us, run with us and yes, sleep with us. They improve our domain, our family photos and our very souls. They are ecstatic over modest displays of affection and scraps of food.

In return we feed them cereal. We leave them unattended, yet they miss us when were gone and greet us with fervor. They love us, unconditionally.

They come on command, they sit for the asking. They shake paws, though they know its silly. They cheerfully give us their best. What do they ask in return?

and a little creature comfort.

You supply the attention and food, well provide maximum comfort.

The stature of dogs in our homes and our communities has finally evolved. Our understanding and technology has evolved. Their new beds are here. Now. Its time to share the unparalleled comfort that craftsmanship, knowledge and today's engineering can bring to our devoted companions.

Max Comfort
"World's best dog beds"

modern dog furniture

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