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Pillow Dog Beds

Our pillow dog beds are available in all styles of furniture: Modern, Premier, Gustavo, Isadora and Kika. Offered in sizes from little to extra extra large, we have the perfect size pillow dog bed to fit your dog!
Blue Micro Modern pillow dog bed
Modern pillow dog beds
MC1 pillow dog bed
MC1 pillow dog beds
Brown Crypton Gustavo pillow dog bed
MC2 pillow dog beds
Buckskin Micro Isadora day bed
MC3 pillow dog beds
Large Kika pillow dog bed in chocolate
Three dog bed

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These quality dog day beds are handcrafted in the U.S.A just for you and yours. Featuring quality materials and craftsmanship, our pillow dog beds have a sturdy wooden frame, high density foam cushions and commercial grade fabrics. All pillow dog beds are available with optional Max Comfort BioMedic orthopedic memory foam center cushions.

Modern Pillow Dog Beds
Blue Micro Modern Pillow Dog Bed Stylish and modern pillow dog beds have a square pillow.
MC1 Pillow Dog Beds
MC1 Pillow Dog Bed Our MC1 pillow dog beds feature a rounded pillow.
MC2 Pillow Dog Beds
MC2 Pillow Dog Bed Our MC2 pillow dog beds have a rounded pillow on two sides.
MC3 Pillow Dog Beds
MC3 pillow dog bed Our MC3 pillow dog beds have pillows on three sides.
Three Dog Bed
Three dog bed Our Three dog bed is a large bed for more than two dogs.
Preferred Comfort Dog Beds
PC3 conventional foam dog bed Click here to see our line of conventional foam dog beds.

Dog day beds are perfect in front of your dog's favorite window. Many people like these at the foot of their bed. Great for your dog's favroite spot.

Click here to view the selection of dog bed vinyls and fabrics.

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