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Pictures from our wonderful customers. Ask these dogs who makes the world's best dog beds.
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Customer Pictures

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Customer Pictures

Here are some of our friends enjoying their BioMedic™ memory foam dog beds and dog furniture.
Thank you for all the great pictures and testimonials!
We truly appreciate you and love to see your dogs comfortable and happy!

huge memory foam dog bed
Yes, this is two Great Danes and a BIG Rottweiler all comfy on our huge BioMedic dog bed.

Cane On His Large 6 Inch Memory Foam Dog Bed
Cane - Seriously handsome dog on our large 6" BioMedic bed.

Davis premier dog sofa bed
Great picture. Harlequin Great Dane.

Rowdy sharing his new comfort nest dog bed Abby enjoys her new window seat dog bed
Adopt-a-star saves retired greyhounds! Relaxing on my new comfort nest
Big Dog comfort!
I'm so tired, but oh so comfy! Ahhhh, I love my dog bed!
3 is not a crowd on my Big Dog Bed!
Big Dog Beds makes my crate comfortable!
Big Dog Beds meets 260 lbs of love!
We love our new beds from Big Dog Beds
Fits two big doggies and toys too!
Willie can be comfy in the truck now too!
Monmouth SPCA Monmouth SPCA
Sleepy Dobie
marchese dog sofa Bens Isadora Dog Bed Sofa Lida Sedona Bradley On Their Custom Dog Bed Sofa Carter's crew on modern day bed LeBlanc Memory Foam Dog Bed
Rumo on his day bed
Now Rumo can see out the window!
Samies Babies on their modern dog bed sofas
Siri Blackmore Gromlich Custom Memory Foam Bed Nancy's denim dog bed sofa with pet ottoman Feingold premier dog bed sofa Jasmine Zacher so comfy Fang on his modern pet sofa dog bed
Romeo and Spirit on their new modern mega pet sofa dog bed Max & Lucky sharing Max's memory foam dog bed Belle on her modern pet sofa dog bed Joey on his new modern pet sofa dog bed
Davis Modular Sectional And Chaise Lounges
Anguiano Memory Foam Dog Bed Anguiano Memory Foam Dog Bed Pearce modern dog bed sofa Merril modern dog bed sofa Rooney on his comfort den memory foam dog bed Sugars Modern Dog Bed Sofa
Zimmermen memory foam comfort den dog bed
Mya Memory Foam Dog Bed Extra large brown faux leather dog bed sofa Bob Extra large dog bed sofa with ottoman Paul celery memory foam dog bed Lucy On Her Dog Bed Chaise Lounge Kelly Sectional Dog Bed Sofa

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